Zukyaula Facebook ID ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’


Khotang: Recently, it has been found that girls are being raped through fake Facebook IDs in Khotang. It has been found that more than 12 girls from different villages of the district have been molested while accepting a friend request from a fake Facebook ID named ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’.

A 21-year-old girl from Diktel Rupakot Mazhuwagadhi Municipality-3 Bamrang in Khotang received a friend request from a Facebook ID named ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’.

After seeing the sisters from her own village in the friend list, she also accepted as an acquaintance. However, due to the same stranger’s friend request acceptance, the Dahal girl has to face an unexpected stress.

He got stressed after posting his own picture and using profanity and writing ‘sexual’ status on the timeline and tagging him. She says that now the villages are being attacked so much that it is difficult to walk.

Similarly, another 19-year-old and 21-year-old girl from the same place are also suffering from Facebook ID named ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’. From the Facebook ID named ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’, they put the same girl’s photo and tag their relatives using words that stain their personal dignity, honor and respect.

Content placed and tagged on a girl’s timeline cannot be read together with relatives. Where is this? Complaints have come to the police that dozens of girls from Halesi Tuwachung Municipality-11 Rajapani, Rawabensi Rural Municipality-1 from Kuvinde to Kavre have been victimized by the Facebook ID ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’.

The victim girl complains that these kinds of obscene statuses have made it difficult for her to show her face in society. Police Inspector Amar Prasad Gajmer, Spokesperson of the District Police Office Khotang, said that it was found that girls search friend lists, send requests and take pictures from there and post them on their IDs.

Frequent posting of pornography has created tension in the family as well. According to the police, the identity of the person who created a fake Facebook account and humiliated the girl socially has not been identified yet.

‘Our honor and reputation have been questioned. The attitude of the family and the society has also become negative. Living a personal life has created a problem,’ said one of the victims, ‘I can no longer be shy and keep silent. If we remain silent, the society will consider us as bad. Few understand, understand that we are innocent. However, many are saying that we are guilty. We are seeking immunity from it.’

The four victimized girls have applied to the District Police Office Khotang on 12th and 19th of June for the identification and action of the person who killed the person with fake Facebook ID.

Similarly, on June 13, they also submitted an application to the Police Headquarters, Cyber ​​Bureau, Bhotahiti, Kathmandu. However, the culprit has not been found yet.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Umesh Lamsal said that an investigation has been started on the complaint filed by the victimized girl on Facebook.

Since this is a technical matter, the work is being done in coordination with the Cyber ​​Bureau. The place where that person is sitting and driving has been found,’ he said, ‘because that person is abroad, it is becoming difficult to find out who he is. We are trying to identify it through Interpol.’

The victim said that she came to know only on June 11 that she had written obscene status by putting her own picture on fake Facebook ID.

The victim says that the Facebook ID ‘Yo Mayako Sagar’ has written a status saying ‘The first and second part are over now the third part is coming’. It has been found that they communicate using obscene words even in the messenger.

However, after the complaint reached the police, it is said that the owner of that ID gradually removed everyone from the friend list. He made a girl’s picture as his profile picture and has now removed that picture as well. Rasas

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