These 13 services of esewa, which will make your daily life easier


Nepal’s first digital wallet. After downloading the Iseva app, you can make payments and transactions for various services.

Iseva has made a great contribution to digitize Nepal’s economy. Founded on January 25, 2009, Iseva is celebrating its 13th anniversary today. In this context, today we are giving information about 13 important jobs that can be done in Isewa.

1) Electricity bill

You can pay your electricity bill from the comfort of your home with Isewa. Now you don’t have to face the hassle of long queues while paying bills, you can pay bills safely even during an epidemic like Corona. There is no service charge for transactions between 1 rupee to 500 rupees, while there is a service charge of 5 rupees for transactions between 501 to 5 lakh rupees.

2) Water bill

Just like electricity bills, water bills can also be paid. For this, after you select the water counter and create a customer ID, the transaction will be done immediately. This is a very simple and easy way to pay bills.

3) Payment of traffic police fines

A mistake can be a waste. Also, sometimes there is a lack of cash to pay the fine immediately when the traffic rules are violated. Therefore, in such a difficult situation, you can easily pay the fine from Isewa. For that you have to keep the chit number that you got the receipt.

4) Payment of Passport

Yes, you can also pay for your passport through Iseva. For that you have to fill the voucher number (EBP) number. And then a certain amount can be paid. But this payment is only for your passport department.

Along with this, you can also use Iseva to pay for other government services.

5) Insurance

You can also make insurance premium payments easily through Iseva. Payment can be made to 31 insurance companies including Nepal Life Insurance, National Insurance Company, IME Life Insurance, Reliance Life Insurance. For that you have to give details of policy number and date of birth.

6) Stockbroker Payment

You can also pay your stockbroker through Isewa, making share transaction payments easy and hassle-free. More than 40 broker companies can be paid through it.

7) Health

Similarly, appointments in hospitals can also be taken from Iseva. It includes major hospitals like Nepal Medicity, Grandi International, B&B. Payment of hospital health package, general test or other services can be done in a simple and easy way.

8) Internet Bill

Internet bills can also be paid conveniently on time through Iseva. For this, you have to enter the customer ID or username, then you can do the payment process. Bill payment of internet service providers such as Worldlink, Vianet, Classic Tech, Dishhome Fibernet, etc. can be done through Iseva.

9) Movie tickets

You can save yourself the hassle of standing in a long queue outside the movie hall to get your ticket from Isewa. You can buy and book tickets online at Iseva. For this, you can go to the website of the movie hall, select the movie you want to watch and login to Iseva and pay. This is a very easy and fast method. In this, you can buy tickets for big cinema halls like QFX Cinema, Big Movies, etc.

10) Online shopping

When purchasing a product at Daraz, the payment for that product can also be made through Iseva. Whatever you buy online, you can pay for it through Iseva. Even if you are buying any antivirus software, you can easily pay for it through Iseva.

11) Fund Transfer and Recharge

In Iseva you can recharge NTC, Ncell, Smart Mobile SIM and you can also transfer money based on remittance. For recharge you need to keep your mobile number in your Isewa account and money can be transferred from one person to another person’s Isewa account.

12) Scan and Pay

You can pay by scanning the QR code from Isewa while buying some salmon anywhere. Whether at a grocery store or a super market, payments can be made easily using Isewa’s QR code.

13) Food & Hospitality

From Iseva, you can pay for food orders, hotel, resort services and other services. In cafes and restaurants, payment can also be made by scanning the QR code of ISWA.

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